March 25, 2018


The video below documents my first sprint triathlon - the 2018 City Bikes Las Olas Triathlon in Fort Lauderdale, FL. I used video clips captured by Afi on her iPhone and iMove to put it together.

There is also an official event video here which is really nice, so check that out as well.

First Time Triathlete


... ... ...

My goal was to finish the event and somehow I managed to do that. I placed 111th Overall Female, 12th in my Age Group (45-49) with a total time of 1:42:03. Not the greatest time, but I crossed the finish line! 

I started my triathlon training only four months earlier. In the beginning, I could barely swim 25 meters in the pool or run 1/2 a mile without feeling like I was going to die. The only sport I felt comfortable with was the bike part. Despite my rough beginnings and many self-doubts, I stuck with my training and slowly began to improve. I signed up for the US Masters Swimming classes which helped me tremendously. I ran regularly on my treadmill and winter weather permitting, I ran occasionally outside. I biked on my indoor trainer and took spinning classes at my gym. I practiced each sport 2 to 3 times a week. I also added some strength training to my routine to help me get ready.

All the training was hard to fit into my schedule, but with time I figured it out and made it work somehow. I started getting up really early to get most of my workouts done before I went to work. I slowly built up the endurance, became fitter, stronger, leaner and more confident. I enjoyed my workouts. I just felt better, happier.  At some point on my journey, I started believing that I could do this. I realized that most of my hesitation and self-doubt was primarily in my head. When the day came, I was determined to finish. I did not give up. I could not be happier. It was an incredibly empowering feeling and a huge boost to my self-confidence. 

I am signed up to compete in another sprint triathlon on June 3 and I'm back training.