I am an amateur landscape and nature photographer and I enjoy all of the things outdoors. There's no other place I feel more at home then surrounded by nature, away from the office walls and a city noise. With my camera in hand, I try to capture the beauty of the natural world which continues to inspire and amaze me. 

I am particularly drawn to photographing seascapes, landscapes, and wildlife. I find birds and horses to be incredibly fascinating creatures and they are often a subject of my images. I love working with dramatic light and color, and my favorite time to photograph is early in the morning. 

I use primarily Canon DSLR cameras and Canon lenses. I have a love & hate relationship with my Gitzo tripod. I find it often restrictive and cumbersome yet I can't 'live' without it. It is an essential piece of equipment for landscape photography. When I'm out hiking or backpacking, I will most likely carry my small yet mighty, mirrorless Sony a6000 camera. For post-processing, I use Adobe Lightroom, as well as, Adobe Photoshop. 

To see my most recent work,  I invite you to check out my Blog or Galleries.  Feel free to leave a comment or reach me via an email or Contact page. 

And lastly, please respect my work and keep in mind that all photographs displayed on this site are Copyrighted and may not be downloaded, copied, reproduced, stored, altered, distributed, or used in any way or form without my written consent. If you would like to use my image or purchase a print, please email me directly at