Birding at Wakodahatchee Wetlands in South Florida

June 05, 2017  •  1 Comment

The Wakodahatchee Wetlands is a true marvel for anyone who enjoys birding and nature. The park is located in Delray Beach, FL. It was created on the 50 acres of unused utility land and transformed into a wetlands open to the public. A three-quarter mile boardwalk crosses between open water pond areas, emergent marsh areas, shallow shelves, and islands with shrubs which foster nesting and roosting of a variety of birds. I absolutely love this place and visit whenever I'm in Florida. My favorite time of the day to visit the park is really early in the morning. Not only is the light the most beautiful, but there is usually a lot less people visiting. I love watching the sunrise over the wetlands, the nests coming to life and all the bird sounds. Spring is the most special time at Wakodahatchee with all the courtship behavior, breeding plumage displays, nest building activity, and chicks being cared for by their parents. There aren't too many places I know of, and certainly not anywhere here in the mid-atlantic region, where one can see this amazing spectacle so close and in such an abundance. This year, I visited a little later than usual. There were a lot more wood storks nesting and a lot less great egrets and great blue herons. Which was kind of cool. Here are a few images I took during my two morning visits on this trip. All photographs where shot handheld with my Canon 1DX body and Sigma 150-500m lens. Enjoy!


Susan Phillips(non-registered)
These are really lovely pictures, as always !
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