Back at Great Falls Park in Persuit of New Oportunities

August 02, 2015  •  1 Comment

First Light, Great Falls National Park, VABlend of two exposures. Canon 5DMkII, ISO 100, 16mm, f/14, 0.6 sec and 3.5 sec exposures. Yesterday morning, I was back at Great Falls National Park in Virginia. It's a common and recurring theme in my photography. Not only because its a close and very accessible location, but the park is a truly beautiful natural landmark and I am always drawn to the water (an Aquarius in me, I suppose).  Above all of that, my search for great light and new perspectives of this familiar DC location, are the two main driving forces that keep me coming back. Awaiting the SunBlend of two exposures, Canon 5DMkII, ISO 100, 17mm, f/14, 0.25 sec and 3.2 sec exposures.

But in more general terms, I am working hard on elevating images that I make. Familiarity with the place offers me a sense of comfort and makes it easier to experiment. I suppose in part all this is naturally driven by my desire to make better, stronger and more compelling images. I am also feeling a rather strong disconnect between the images I have in my head and what I bring back from the field. More often than not, I am nowadays more focused on creating versus just capturing the images. What I mean is that I am no longer just focused on all the technicalities of what makes a good image - all the rules, f-stops and exposure settings. I am more interested in creating the images that convey some sense of mood and evoke reaction or emotion, not just in me because I am so emotionally vested in my work, but hopefully in others as well.... That is the ultimate goal I hope to achieve one day.  I may never be able to get there, but I am certainly trying. 

Just barely here.... The tools and techniques I've acquired over the years, are now more means to an end than an end itself. They are secondary to identifying strong compositions, visualizing the end results and executing when the lighting conditions and opportunities present themselves, sometimes in just a few fleeting moments. Sure, I still have lots to learn when it comes to technicalities, but I feel I now have a fairly solid repertoire of skills which I should be able to tap into to help me express my creative visions. As they say: "Failure is the key to success." I am certainly putting this to a test. I do take many images. Unfortunately, too often than not, after what seems like a great shoot, I look a the images on my computer and can only exclaim - "What the heck were you thinking!"

The flow...ISO 50, f/16, 16mm, 60 sec. exposure, (experimenting with Lee's Big Stopper filter - love that thing!)

I' m hoping in time, the images I share here on my blog will serve to chronicle my progress and help me identify my mistakes, learn from my failures and minor successes. The ultimate goal just may simply be unattainable. But there also lies the joy in trying to do better, capturing the beauty of the world around us.

If you feel like offering a comment, advice, or just saying hello, please use a comment section below this blog post. 

Thanks for reading and looking, as always!


Basking in the Rays of an August Sun



Navin Sarma(non-registered)
Nice Anna! Love the progression I am seeing in your images and your thought process! You're on the right track, keep going!
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