A stroll through Lewes, Delaware

August 30, 2015  •  1 Comment

Lewes is a town located on the Delaware Bay, in eastern Sussex County, Delaware, just north of Rehoboth Beach. Lewes refers to itself as "The First Town in the First State," as Delaware was the first state to ratify the Constitution of the United States of America. It was named after the town of Lewes in England, which is situated in a county named Sussex (from which Sussex County, Delaware, takes its name). The first settlers of Lewes were Dutch, however. Back in 1631 they started a first European settlement in Delaware. The colony had a short existence as a local tribe of Lenape Native Americans wiped out the 32 settlers in 1632. The area remained rather neglected by the Dutch until, under the threat of annexation from the English colony of Maryland, the city of Amsterdam made a grant of land at the Hoernkills (the area around Cape Henlopen, near the current town of Lewes) to a group of Mennonites for settlement in 1662. Today, Lewes is a place known for its old time charm and history. It is also full of photo opportunities.

All of these images I took recently during an evening stroll through the Lewes Harbour marina. 



Michèle Abid(non-registered)
Magnifique diaporama clichés colorés très réussis. Merci Anna kisses and Hugs. Michèle Abid
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