Great Falls Park and It's Many Faces

July 04, 2015  •  2 Comments

It's a rainy day this 4th of July and so I opted for a morning spent in front of my computer. I was looking over some of my image archives and  for one reason or another, I focused on the pictures I've taken at the National Great Falls National Park in Virginia. It's a place I visit often and frequently shoot from the same locations - the overlooks which are easily accessible and provide a nice vantage point of the Potomac river and the waterfalls. I thought it was interesting to look at these images together and  the many faces of the falls under different lighting conditions and during different seasons.

As it's been a while since I posted anything on my blog and I thought this small collection made a perfect subject for a new post. 

Happy Independence Day! - from Great Falls Park.




Thank you Navin for your comment! Much appreciated. And you are absolutely right, I should indeed explore shooting from other overlooks and outcroppings, including MD side which I am not so familiar with.
Navin Sarma(non-registered)
Nice work Anna! Looks like you captured some really nice, dramatic light in different seasons from Outlook 1. Perhaps you can continue to explore the other outlooks and rock outcroppings to see what you come back with? Outlook 3 is a tough one, but with the right angle you can get some massive eddy motion -- just a thought :)
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